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For Landlords

What service best suits you?

Do you need full end to end management or just our tenant finder services. We have outlined the differences that you can consider.

We are 100% focused on property management.

We draw on the resources of the broader Ray White group. Our rental department is dedicated entirely to rental properties – and we are good at it.

We provide you with a single point of contact.

We ensure you deal with one property manager. However, they have the strength of an entire team behind them including admin support and compliance over site.

Casual letting (tenant finder)

A great tenancy starts with careful selection of tenants. Our application and vetting system thoroughly scrutinizes potential tenants. We also access credit and background check websites to verify potential tenants. This is done before they are considered for any property and it provides a great foundation for a successful tenancy.

It is normal that landlords struggle with the process as it is difficult to deal with prospective tenants purely on a business level. Questions like who are these people?  What is their credit history? What is their rental history? They seem nice people but do they checkout?

We deal with applicants on a professional basis and we will inform you of the checks before you have the final say on a potential tenant. This means it is an arm’s length transaction that helps landlords to make better decisions.

This service incurs an marketing charge of $250 plus GST plus a let fee of one weeks rent (capped at $750 plus GST)

Full service property management

When considering the future of your property that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is it not worth investing a little to ensure the property is managed and maintained? We have a selected a team of tradespeople that assist us to keep your property up to scratch in They ensure that the work is carried out quickly, correctly at a favourable price. The volume of work that we provide to trades also allows us to achieve a pricing structure that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. (None of our management plans included an additional charge for maintenance)

Of course we are the emergency contact for any jobs that need rapid attention. We always endeavour to obtain landlords pre approval for all maintenance. However we do recommend that our clients give us the authority to attend to emergency repairs if we are unable to contact them, normally up to the amount of one weeks rent, plus g.s.t.

Being local and dealing with the rental market on a daily basis ensures that we are up to date with supply and demand across all price ranges. So we are able to ensure our landlords are receiving the best possible return on their investment.

With various statutes recently being enacted and more coming that impact residential rental properties it is important that you or your representative is fully conversant with the law and how it affects you and your tenants. It is essential that we keep up to date with aspects.

We recommend three monthly inspections of any property. From those we report to you on the condition of the property, any maintenance repairs required and information on how the tenants are maintaining the property.

We have a significant investment on property management data systems that allow us to correctly monitor and report on daily payments, expenses incurred, schedule inspections and produce clear monthly and annual statements which are posted or e-mailed to you.

As in our casual letting service a great tenancy starts with careful selection of tenants. Our application and vetting system thoroughly scrutinizes potential tenants.

We believe our thorough application, our checking and our thoroughness with the contract results in a complete understanding by both parties of what is involved.

Property management pricing is tailored depend on what type of property management owners require.